[Vwdiesel] vw turbo recall? 1.8T

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Brian, I didn't know VW made a 2.0 20V in the states, what did it come from? 
The 2.0 TFSI engines are 16 valve, as the Direct Injection required 
replacing one of the valves with an injector. They couldn't find sufficient 
room for DI and 5 valves per cylinder.

As to the 1.8T problem. Yes, It is a huge problem. Rarely have I worked on 
any VAG product with a 1.8T that doesn't have some evidence of sludge. And, 
let me clarify that term as well. The "sludge" that is a problem in these 
engines isn't the molasses like substance that used to collect in engines in 
the past. Rather, it's more like carbon particles, almost like grains of 
sand. They get stuck in the screen of the pickup tube and slowly block off 
the oil supply to the engine. I recommend to everyone with one of them to 
pull the pan and clean it at about 80k. It is more of a problem with the 
Audi A4's and VW Passats because of the engine placement. The Longitudinal 
placement necessitates a smaller oil pan, as it has to clear the subframe. 
So, they have more problems, and yet are much more difficult to pull the pan 
down from. But, if I owned one, I'd definitely be dropping the pan by 80k. 
I'd also run synthetic and change the oil every 5k max.

The other thing that is a problem in these cars is that people are not 
taught proper cool down procedures by most salesmen. If you run a turbo 
hard, you need to give it an idle period afterward. Otherwise, the oil 
basically cooks in the turbo, and that's where the carbon particles can form 
as well. The smaller the turbo is (and it's very small on the 1.8T's) the 
more critical this becomes. A good Idle period is about 2 min, BTW.

As for bent valves, I mostly see the hydraulic tensioners loose their 
pressure, and of course the belt jumps and bends valves. I've seen them go 
as early as 82k, and as long as 107k. I've never seen one that was run 
longer than that on a 1.8T. I would only go 60k if it was my car. In fact, I 
won't go longer than 60k on anything that is a valve bender.

The water pumps do have some issues as well, as mentioned. The other thing 
they do is the plastic impeller expands over time off the shaft and no 
longer spins. If you ever see one that overheats in minutes, that will be 
why. You can check it by pulling the thermostat and feeling into where the 
impeller sits.

Oh, and I'd love to see a pickup with a 1.8T or 2.0T. That would be fun and 
practical!! Mostly fun, though ;-)


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Subject: Re: [Vwdiesel] vw turbo recall? 1.8T

> Hi Matt;
> I have a friend that has a foreign car garage and does VW, Audi,
> Jaguar, BMW, etc. Seems they find the weak point on the 1.8 T is the water
> pump that adjusts the timing belt. People tend to change the belt and use
> the old pump and then end up with many bent valves when the water pump
> fails. On another thought I have a VW 2.0 20 valve turbo engine here with 
> a
> perfect block and 12 bent valves because the car owner didn't change the
> belt at the recommended time. 140,000+ miles and 12 bent valves. I haven't
> decided what to do with the engine yet. Perhaps I will put it in one of my
> 1981 VW Rabbit pickups.
> Brian Decker
> Western Washington 

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