[Vwdiesel] vw turbo recall? 1.8T

Tony and Lillie tonyandlillie1 at earthlink.net
Mon Dec 27 20:43:51 PST 2010

They are oil and water cooled. Generally they run conventional oil, but even some of the cars that came after the factroy switch to synthetic have issues. As mentioned, they were 10k intervals as well. I run that on my 4000Q, and some of the ohter NA's I have, but would NEVER do that on a turbo. Oh, the oil in my Jetta 1.6NA changes itself every 1000. 1 Quart per 250 miles :(


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  The 1.8t has an oil-cooled turbo, no?  I would venture that this is the outcome of VW cheaping out and not using a water-cooled turbo.  On a TDI it's OK because the EGTs are lower, but on a gasser the turbo gets too hot.

  I wonder what kind of oil these sludged cars are running?

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