[Vwdiesel] vw turbo recall? 1.8T

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I know a guy that got a used Audi A4 from a place for his 18 year old 
daughter.  The turbo blew in just a few weeks, I think is was about blown when 
he got it but they were able to mask it somehow.
then it really blew and stuff when in the head, parts of the turbo blades.

I was going to work on it for him but he sold it as is to some shop and took a 
total bath on the deal.  I think he lost 3 grand on it.

Same issue for sure.

Gasser turbo's get real hot because of the EGT's.

I had the Audi 200 for years, the after-run water pump to keep pumping water 
thru the turbo never worked from when I got the car and I never really know what 
the pump was for until a few years later.  So, I figured if it had not worked 
all those years it was not really worth fixing and it would not be cheap to 
replace the pump.  The turbo was big on the car and the motor ran cool, or so it 

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The TDI's don't have the sludge problem, that's why you can go 10k. The 1.8T's 
develop a lot more heat, that's a large part of their problem.

Yes, a synthetic will be more resistant to coking, and that's part of the 
solution. Proper cooldwon is also key.

As for cooldown, you can always get a turbo timer. 

Ironically, while writing this email, I got a call from a guy traveling with oil 
pressure issues in his A4 1.8T. Go figure!!

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  Thanks for the correction about water cooling.

  I don't want to start an argument, but 10k changes on a TDI with proper oil 
don't seem to be an issue.  Oil analyses after 10k typically come back as OK for 
continued service.  

  And of course some people would disagree that the factory "synthetic" is 
really synthetic at all... it makes me wonder if a run exclusively on a true 
group IV synth (or whatever it's called) would still have the sludging issue.  
It certainly should be more resistant to coking due to heat.

  I sure am glad to not have to worry about turbo cooldown on my TDI - I used to 
have a Mitsu Galant VR4 and worrying about cooldown all the time was a PITA.
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