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The bigger filter is what VW says to do, at least with the Passat recall.  I think part of the deal is it increases the capacity of the system.  Also, seems like more filtering would maybe catch some of the smaller pieces before they grow to pickup screen catching size, like hail.  

Some folks on the Passat list have had luck using engine flush products to help clean it up.  One recommendation was to use a bottle of the flush in the engine at the end of the current oil cycle, drain it, then fill with something cheap along with another bottle of the flush stuff.  Warm the engine, Rinse and repeat and then fill with good synthetic oil and flush it at the next oil change before dumping the oil.  

The people who have had success with this more likely had lesser problems with sludge, but it was starting to happen.  The engine will start to clean itself out following the regimen.  

On dirtier engines, it was recommended to add dropping the pan (as much of a pain as that is) and physically cleaning the particles off of the screen.

I did the first part of the procedure for a lady and it sure seemed like on the second couple dumps, a lot of junk was coming out and peeking into the valve cover looked like it was starting to get cleaner.

Dave Cook

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>   Will that help though, considering it's chunkies
> that clog the pickup 
> screen 
> and don't make it TO the filter?  Wouldn't seem
> they're like hail and get a 
> lttle 
> bigger each time around.
>     Loren
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