[Vwdiesel] DC Clamp-on AMPERE meter, a question on it's use

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Fri Dec 31 16:35:37 PST 2010

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rgreeley2 at hotmail.com writes:

> would this tool allow me to clamp on a section of the wiring harness to 
> determine if current exists, much like a "wiggy"does with ac current. 

  Only problem is you need current (flow) to check for amperage.  If you 
have a 
non working circuit, you won't have flow therefore...  :-(  
  This summer I picked up a variable voltage inductive tester/indicator.  I 
think it's 
from 10V to 240V with a thumbwheel.  Nicest thing is it uses a AA battery 
of a button or AAA and sensitivity is variable by the thumbwheel.  
Something like 
that and introduce your own AC "tracer" voltage into your inop circuit and 
one of 
those would indicate how far your voltage goes before it quits.  
Backfeeding and 
ground circuits might throw diagnosis off though....

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