[Vwdiesel] DC Clamp-on AMPERE meter, a question on it's use

raymond greeley rgreeley2 at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 31 20:07:34 PST 2010

Correct, it won't detect voltage that does not exist. it would tell me where it stops, whether it ever started. my on going electrical woes found some problems in the light socket (the car sat for many years) some issues where withthe ground and some originated at the panel where corrosion developedi am thinking this inductive tool would help diagnose or at least id better options of where a failure exists. i presume this toolcan only read dc voltage when a good ground is part of the test circuit
using a volt meter i would often disturb a connection point to test or pierce the suspect wire with a safety pin probing for current,neither of which i like to do.  
it seems like it would be a duplicate in many ways, of the voltmeter i already own.
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Subject: Re: DC Clamp-on AMPERE meter, a question on it's use
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It can't detect voltage with no current; which is what you're saying when you say "loss of current" aka. broken wire.I was thinking more like diagnosing glow plug issues. 

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would this tool allow me to clamp on a section of the wiring harness to determine if current exists, much like a "wiggy"does with ac current. because we/I tinker with older cars, tracking down an electrical issue, like a loss of current to say a
light socket can be vexing.

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> Subject: [Vwdiesel] DC Clamp-on AMPERE meter

> For those that may want a DC clamp-on Amp meter for cheap
> $33 UNI-T DC clamp current Digital Multimeter UT203 - eBay 40A/400A
> http://goo.gl/w5KPy

> If you want true RMS AC
> $47 UNI-T UT204 UT-204 DC clamp current Digital Multimeter - eBay
> http://goo.gl/Uyn4Y
> BrianG

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