[Vwdiesel] WVO conversion?

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You can get the filtering bags at McMaster Carr


You can also get the screens that go on top of drums and 5 gallon buckets to
filter out the heavy stuff  or you can use nylon stockings from Walmart.

I have mixed up to a 50/50 WVO and diesel mix with no issues here in NC in
my 91 Jetta TD. 

Here is another good site to read up on.



I have been toying with converting my 1983 Mercedes 300SD & 1982 VW Quantum
to run on waste vegetable oil (WVO). However I think it might be simpler to
run a 50/50 mixture of ULS diesel & WVO. My big concern is to set up a good
filtering system for WVO. I would prefer something simple & easy to set up.
Where can you buy as cheaply as possible, the 1 micron filtering socks some
have referred to? I have a 1983 Mercedes 300SD that was converted to run on
a "Vegibenz" single tank system. I could take  the WVO parts off this car to
put on my good 300SD but worry if this or a 50/50 mix of WVO & diesel would
harm my injector pump (IP)? I have found a station in the Sacramento area
next to the Costco in Roseville that sells B-5 which I have bought for my
good 300SD. I believe B-5 adds a lubricant for the IP & understand most
diesel sold in Europe is B-5. Europeans reading this, please tell me if this
is correct or wrong. Would like to see discussion on using WVO pro & con. I
like the
  idea of saving money by running WVO but don't want to be penny wise &
pound foolish.
Bill Toensing, Nevada City, CA
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