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Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Thu Dec 13 19:37:11 PST 2007

diemarthadie at aol.com wrote:

> So, how about every major area have a parenthetical subhead, such as
> "Timing_Belt_replacement_(V8Q)" or "Injector_replacement_(CGT)"?

Yes, that sounds great.  Some articles will apply to many cars, though, 
so 'tb r/r' would have an article, say, for the 10v engine, they're all 
the same (I think).  Hopefully the title will be exactly as broad as it 
needs to be, like "Euro headlights (type 89)") sort of thing.

> Each car model should be easily abbreviated into 3 letters, with few
> exceptions:
> 5000/C/S could be 5KS 5000 with Quattro could be 5KQ etc...

Watch the 5000 stuff, since they are "really" 100s and 200s (in the ROW)

Also, models make great categories - put every one that applies on if 
you can.

> or we could spell it out, which is fine too.? Leaving the option of
> creating a secondary section for additional models, so that someone
> who only has a 5000CS could do the writeup and someone with a 5000CSQ
> could add a section for Quattro specific changes to the repair.
> I would suggest that anything like "Engine" or "Transmission" maybe
> include additional info such as "Engine_3.6L_V8_PT" etc... since that
> will also help in searching by engine size, application and code.? It
> adds more data to the titles, but it definitely reduces the confusion
> over whether the project is appropriate to certain models.

Yup.  Also, the main, unspecified article could list them all and what 
they apply to.  Of course, categories do that automatically for us if we 
include them carefully.

Anyway, I was just trying to head off trouble before there's too much 
work to fix it.  Right now, we need articles.  Once there are, oh, I 
dunno, 40-50-100 or so, structural enhancements begin to get easier to 
figure out.

Huw Powell



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