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I've already got the tbelt article started (reformatting the old one) and I've uploaded some of the pix, I have to resize the others... if you want to just jump into the wiki and start editing the tbelt article before I get to it FEEL FREE :)? I've been swamped and haven't gotten back to it.? Wife's birthday today, 3 little kids loving everything about Christmas season and lotsa relatives trying to visit... ugh.? I mean Ho Ho Ho ;)? Go into the wiki and look at recent changes, I think the tbelt article is currently unlinked and the photos are in the recent changes list too.


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Ron Wainwright wrote:
> I've got a bunch of pics & a writeup on the entire V8
> t-belt procedure. Who can I mail it to?? Kent maybe?


I mean, sure, why not?  I have a couple versions kicking around. Maybe I
can put together a good one.

But I'll be spending my day looking at a new-to-me Audi -- an A4 Avant.
(Should get a Honda. Should get a Honda. Should get a Honda.)  I keep
telling myself I'll get to the KB this weekend, but it's been 3 weekends
now.  As my SO says almost daily, "All I want is a simple life."

Kent McLean
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