[wiki] V8 timing belt changes

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Wed Dec 26 16:56:59 PST 2007

John and company,

I changed over the section categories which were actually sub- 
categories (two equal signs.)  I also tried making each major step a  
subcategory...It hopefully makes it more organized visually- maybe  
easier to navigate electronically, and to not loose your place  
visually when printed out?  How does it work?  I can fix it if it  
needs undoing or more work.

I also took a stab at attempting to integrate the "comments" or misc  
tips into the procedure, making the division between steps more  
logical, and tweaking where the images appear (mediawiki never places  
them above where you insert the image link, so sometimes it helps to  
place it higher up.)  Yea/nay?  I'm trying to do this in bits and  
pieces to make the changes easier to view and revert if need be.

Congrats on a lot of great work - the V8 stuff has been really coming  


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