welcome to the wiki list

Dan Simoes dan at audifans.com
Sat Nov 17 07:39:21 PST 2007

Thanks to Brett for setting this up.

I know that Brett is going to be tied up for most of today, so this  
is just a starter post.

The goal is to get the MediaWiki software installed on the server and  
working.  Brett  was working on that late into last night.

Once that's set up, we need to take a careful look at the old twiki  
content, and figure out the best way to import it over.  If it's a  
manual process (ie cut and paste) we may ask for vounteers to take a  
section.  If we can automate or semiautomate it using system tools,  
then we will save a lot of time.

My biggest concern is that the wiki does not provide a way for  
hackers to bring down the entire system.  A secondary concern is that  
wiki content remain accurate and "unadulterated" (ie no porn links).   
I think moderation may be needed, but at least a log of changes.  For  
example, imagine someone replaces the entire 200q20v content with  
"big boats that suck".  Sure, eventually someone will know, but if  
there's a way we can be alerted to this change, and roll back to a  
previous version, that would be ideal.

Welcome aboard.


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