[Staff] Ready to Go ...

Cody Forbes cody at 5000tq.com
Sat Nov 17 15:13:50 PST 2007

Dan Simoes wrote:
> Last general post, then let's take it to wiki list only.
> I really want to see the ability to edit the wiki set to only certain
> people.
> Anyone who wants to contribute can have an account, but people
> shouldn't be able to sign up at random, put up a page, then leave.

Agreed. Having it 100% open just is too easy to go haywire.

> Putting vendor/mechanic info on the wiki is a possibility, but that
> type of content should be even more moderated.  Imagine someone lists
> himself as "the best, cheapest source for Audi parts" and makes off
> with a bunch of lister money.

Maybe a rule that you can't add yourself at all? I mean I'd love to put 
myself on there, and would do so properly and honestly (after all I AM the 
best there ever was.....j/k lol), but even so I think that's taboo.

-Cody Forbes 

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