please do not lift text

Brett Dikeman brett at
Sun Nov 18 22:17:50 PST 2007

Folks, you can not lift text from the internet and slap it into the  
wiki. There's a large warning (part of the standard mediawiki  
configuration, not my doing) on the edit submission page to this  
effect :-)

You can use such material as a reference, but you can't wholesale copy  
it unless you have permission (for example, we had permission to copy  
the 20v FAQ.  I need to re-check and make sure we still do- I asked  
quite a while ago, just want to be safe, and invite them to  
participate.)  If you do use a page for reference, you ideally should  
list it as such.

(not caught up on email- spent my time this evening contributing to a  
few articles.)


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