Content Creation Question

Brett Dikeman brett at
Mon Nov 19 13:44:34 PST 2007

Accidentally only replied to Scott...

> "How Do I".... Create sub-pages/ links to .
> Sort of like a directory tree.

You don't need to maintain a tree yourself- the Wiki software can do it
for you.

Instead, create a page with a descriptive name and place it in appropriate
categories with [[Category:The_Category_Name]] at the bottom of the page.

For example, I'd say a troubleshooting article about the climate control
in V8's would go in "V8_Climate_Control_Troubleshooting, and go in a
category like "V8_Troubleshooting" (which would be a child of
"Troubleshooting".)  We could later also add categories that correspond to
the Bentley repair groups.

Your article would then automatically be listed in those category pages.

Also: a model information page shouldn't contain repair info.  I could
certainly contain a link to the repair category for a car, though!

Any comments, Huw?  You seem to be the most experienced user of Mediawiki.

Last suggestion: always be thinking ahead about how generalized you can
make information.  An article about internal caliper repair applies
equally for V8 and 200q20v's, and in some cases it can be taken further-
ie, we have a big article about brake repair and maintenance in general,
with a section about issues specific to the UFO's.


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