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 I found them and added a lot of links to pads online - Autozone also shows Beck Arnley for 4x as much!? One of the problems with finding them online is that people use the stock photo of standard pads so its hard to tell if they are REALLY for UFO applications or for G60 conversions.? Mintex and EBC show up in UFO searching but its unclear if they are actually UFO applications.? I hope the most recent version of the converted wiki info is helpful.? I redid a lot of the links to current resources and checked manufacturer numbers where I found them.? Next time, I'll start an old wiki conversion that isn't as outdated!



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Autozone had the mkd-467 for the ufo?cars. 
Cost was around $45 with lifetime warrenty (I never had problems exchanging 
them) Also, they were virtually dustless. Al?

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I started to convert 
  the old wiki on UFO pad sources and I find a lot of the old P/N information is 
  no longer valid (certainly the 2002 pricing isn't).


I've started adding 2007 parts that I can find in Worldpac, 
  etc...? if anyone has suggestions for finding new part numbers, let me 
  know.? I also found that Carbotech is in NC not FL as posted long ago but 
  has a long list of Audi applications online with p/n pricing and all.

  started with this old wiki thinking it would be an easy way to start... yeah, 
  if I didn't check any of the info... ah well ;)





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