copyright issues

Brett Dikeman brett at
Thu Nov 29 09:02:20 PST 2007

Huw raised this earlier, a week or so ago.  We need to discuss licensing.

Huw started a page on the wiki to 'discuss' it, but please use the mailing

The core issues:

-Do we need a license?

-If so, what license should we pick?  What are available?

Another issue Huw raised, which I believe I can address:

"Is it ok to copy text from mailing list posts?"

A:Provided they posted text to the mailing list, the user knows their text
will be widely distributed and archived on the web.  I don't see this as a
major issue.  We can add text to various Audifans pages clarifying that
posts may be used for the knowledgebase, etc.

As for using copyrighted material on the web- the submission button has a
big block of bold text warning people about this.  Not a whole lot we can
do except keep an eye out for it and/or respond when someone brings it to
our attention.

Huw, anything else?


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