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Scott Phillips Scottp at ippe.com
Mon May 18 07:04:10 PDT 2009

No all 75 pages in a single PDF..  ;-) (either way).


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Is that 69MB per page?  If so, ouch.  What about breaking each page 
into a single lo-res file so it can be examined and commented on within 
the Wiki, and maybe link the hi-res for download only.  You could link 
the full hires document to Megaupload, Rapidshare or one of the similar 
free upload sites.


PS - nicely done! that was fast work :)

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I got from John D the 1990 DTM Homologation paperwork and
have scanned the 75 page document in two different resolutions 
resulting in a
large PDF (69MB) this file is in its original A4 page format and makes 
images look “better” than the printed copy. The next PDF has been
resized to letter paper and reduced in quality (slightly) and made to 
be compatible
with Acrobat 8 and later (to save space) and it ramped down to 4.5MB

Here’s my questions, as I’ve not tried it yet
does anyone know if the Wiki can have such large files posted to it? Is 
there a
“better” solution to server capacity.. to have the files hosted
elsewhere? Anyone who’s chomping at the bit to get the large file, 
email me
off list and I can give you a link to the file.



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