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Welcome, one and all!

This welcome message isn't the first (or second, or third) message for the
mailing list, but I thought I should do it anyway.

I'm Tom Haapanen, and while I don't own a Quattro of any kind (only 2 VWs),
I have been following them since the WRC debut back in '81.  I thought it
was about time there was a place to talk about them, and I'm happy to see
that quite a few other people think so, too.

Now ... what's appropriate for this list:
        * Rallying discussions (WRC, SCCA, ...)
        * Racing discussions (Trans-Am, IMSA GTO, GTCC, ...)
        * Technical discussions
        * Buying or (hopefully not) selling a Quattro
        * Driving experiences
        * New product info
        * ... and any other quattro-related information

The inappropriate list is much shorter:
        * Flaming and obnoxious behaviour
        * Discussions about the Espace Quadra
        * ... and any non-quattro-related topics

Now that that's over with, I'll make my next posting a Who's Who of the
mailing list.

[ \tom haapanen --- university of waterloo --- tom@mims-iris.waterloo.edu ]
[ "i don't even know what street canada is on"               -- al capone ]