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Knock sensor

I don't own a quattro. I have a '87 4000S with the 4 cylinder engine.
I should point out that in my youth i owned an Audi 100LS '75. This
was the car that made me fall in love with Audis. The car was constantly in the
shop for costly repairs, but when the car was working it was a joy
to drive. I wanted to get a 4000CS, but the money just was not and
I figured that if I had any problems with the drive system it was going
to be very costly. I am very happy with the two wheel drive car, but
the car is bad in the snow and on the wet. My car is in the shop now.
The knock sensor light keeps coming on. The proble seems like it might
be a broken wire because there is no pattern. This will be the 3rd time
I have taken the car to the dealer complaining about the same problem and
the 4th time to the shop for the same problem. Nobody has been able to
fix it. The dealer I think is just trying to use me to make some money.
His business is very slow, but he has not taken the time to check the
problem out completely. The shop here in State College is very busy. The

earilest appointment I could get was for 2 weeks after I called. I took
the time to check the car completely but the Audi dealer convinced me that
he was wrong and that I shold bring the car back to him. Well does anyone
know what might cause the light to come on?
  When the light comes on the engine the tach drops to zero then moves
back up to where it should be. This would indicate some sort of electrical
problem, but sometimes the light just comes. Usually when the light comes on it
is on for a couple of seconds. There have been times when the light has come
on a stayed on for minutes.

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