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Mt Wash hillclimb UPDATE!!


It's time for the Mt. Washington _Climb to the Clouds_ hillclimb!
This is *the oldest* motorsport event in North America, first run
in 1904!

I'm sure there will be at least several Quattros in various forms
competing in this years hillclimb, one Sport Quattro that I know
of for sure. If you can travel to this event it might be a great
chance to personally witness the Quattro in all its glory and in its 
natural competition environment. Mt. Washington is a beautiful and
spectacular location. If you plan to attend the hillclimb please 
let me know, I'd like to meet as many "Quattro People" and team.netters
as possible.

The event is this weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with the actual
race being on Sunday, June 23rd.

Please email me or post if you want additional information.


ps Mt. Washington is in Gorham New Hampshire. I will be traveling on
   business and I will NOT be able to address any requests for information
   in time for the hill climb. If you do need more info please call 
   _The Mt. Washington Auto Road_ in Gorham NH at 1-603-466-3988.

   The event schedule looks like this:

Thu June 20th, registration
Fri June 21st, practice, 7am to 10am, on the hill at 6:30am
Sat June 22nd, practice, 7am to 10am, on the hill at 6:30am
Sun June 23rd, _Climb to the Clouds Race_, 10am to 2pm,
               awards, 3pm, base of _The Hill_

Sorry I won't be available for additional information,
do hope to see some of you .netters there, look for the Black
85 Quattro Coupe Turbo with the antannea farm on the roof and
the "Support Your Troops" stickers on the F & R windscreens.
I'll be working security/crowd control somewhere on _The Mountain_.
Please stop and intoduce yourself(s)!

-glen, FUNDSALO RACING, 73 CP Firebird, 85 Quattro