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RE: Audi anti-roll bars

> gt6493c@prism.gatech.edu (gt6493c FLUHR,ERIC J) writes:
> Does anyone sell rear anti-roll bar kits for Audi Coupes?
> If so, about how much would the price be, and where is the place(s) that
> sells it?

I think I already answered your question in an article on rec.autos.vw,
but here goes...

Suspension Techniques makes anti-roll bars for the Audi 4000 and coupe.
The rear bar is available separately for approximately $120, including
all mounting hardware.  You will need to drill two holes, one each on
each trailing arm, then everything just bolts on.

Suspension Techniques also sells complete suspension kits, including
springs and shocks.  For the Audi, you have a choice of Koni or
Bilstein shocks.  The S-T springs for the 4000/coupe are linear
rate and lowers the car about one inch.

Eibach also makes springs for the Audi 4000/coupe.  The Eibach springs
are progressive rate, offering a better ride/handling compromise, at
a slight expense on turn-in response.  The Eibach springs also lower
the car about one inch.

S-T and Eibach parts can be had from a variety of performance parts
outlets.  I got mine from Automotive Performance Systems (APS) in
Anaheim, CA.  If you get yourself a copy of _European Car_ (formerly
VW & Porsche magazine), many of the places that advertise VW/Audi/Porsche
performance parts carry S-T and Eibach, or can order them for you.

Good luck...