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RE: Re: Important admin note ...


Since you (or someone else!)will be taking over the new mailing list I have a
*slight* address change which will ensure continued success in mailing to me:


Since m80 is a specific system name, it could change unexpectedly.

BTW:  do we sent you submissions, or to a new name like Quattro@East.Sun.COM?
What is the protocol going to be? (or hasn't it been established yet?)


Date:           Thu, 14 Nov 91 9:44 EST
From:           smtp_mail@vos.stratus.com
To:             David_Wagner
Subject:        Re: Important admin note ...
    id AA04601; Thu, 14 Nov 91 09:45:22 EST
    id <AA18041>; Thu, 14 Nov 91 15:00:05 GMT
    id AA19886; Thu, 14 Nov 91 06:41:02 PST
    id AA11067; Thu, 14 Nov 91 06:41:00 PST
    id AA15559; Thu, 14 Nov 91 09:40:58 EST
    id AA04637; Thu, 14 Nov 91 09:34:33 EST
    id AA04952; Thu, 14 Nov 91 09:40:52 EST
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 91 09:40:52 EST
From: David.Tahajian@East.Sun.COM (David Tahajian - Sun BOS Software)
Message-Id: <9111141440.AA04952@aries.East.Sun.COM>
To: tom@mims-iris.waterloo.edu
Subject: Re: Important admin note ...
Cc: quattro@mims-iris.waterloo.edu

Tom and all:

I'll be happy to run the Quattro mailing list.
My workstation is directly connected to the Internet
via the "East.Sun.COM" domain, and would be more efficient
than using a machine with modems to periodically dial into
the net.

Also, there is a picture of Audi's concept car
in the new issue (December 91) of Car and Driver,
under the FYI (for your info) secion. 

    - dave t.