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RE: Tires for a Quattro

> I will be buying a new set of tires
> for my 4000 CS Quattro soon.  I'd like to improve the performance of
> the car by going to a 60 series tire.

i thought that 4000q's came with 195/60 HR 14's.

> I don't know if this really
> work.  Can you share your experiences with tires for a Quattro ?  What
> are you favorite tires ?

there are a couple of good ones that i can think of...

bridgestone re71, dunlop d40m2, pirelli p600 & p500.  stay away from
the michelin mxv.  dunno about the various yokohamas.

i prefer to have a set of sticky summer tires and a set of studded snows
for bad weather.