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RE: 1987 4000 Quattro

I had a 1987 Audi GT Coupe, FWD. It gave me no problems
other than the power window motor needed to be replaced,
but that was under warrenty. Of course I maintained it

My advice is to check the service records to make sure 
it was maintained properly. Also check if there was
any work done on any of the electrical components...
that is a weak spot with Audis and VWs in general.

Of course, you should check out any "wear" items
such as the brakes, transmission, clutch, etc.
(not an Audi problem, but I would check this on any
used car). Also make sure things like the tires, 
battery, power antenna, shocks, etc are all in good shape.

If the alloy wheels are the originals, make sure they
do not have any major nicks in them... my experience was 
the OEM wheels on the 1987 4000's were "soft", and that
they will warp if you hit a curve or big pothole... which
means you'll have to replace them!

I would not worry at all about the "salty New England 
life". Audi is perhaps the best car in the world for rust
prevention. All newer models (including 87) are built with
a multi-step gavanization process, the same as Porsche.
Audi offers a 6 year rust warrenty, so you'll be
covered through 1993! I also live in New England and
had no rust problems whatsoever.

Finally, if you are buying from a Audi dealer, they offer
a free 6 month/6,000 miles warrenty for all used Audis.
If you need to buy Audi parts, they also come with this
warrenty. I have found them superior over after market
parts, and worth the extra money.

Good Luck!

	- dave t.

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