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Hydralic Oil

This is my first post to this list, and I don't want to make a pest of
myself by starting off with a million questions...
However, I am really wondering just what kind of hydralic oil I 
should be putting in my '84 5000S turbo. I've been plagued with
hydralic leaks since I bought the car last year, and I've already
replaced one hose already. Looks like it's time for another one
someday real soon....   I've been topping off the hydralic oil
resivoir with standard "power-steering" fluid. Is this OK? Or have
I committed a big "no-no"? My hydralic pump has intermittently made
strange rattling noises since the day I bought the car. I took the
pump off the car once and disassembled it on the bench and couldn't
find anything worn, or sloppy. Is the "power-steering" oil doing
any harm ??? (Please note, this stuff "looks" like hydralic oil, it's