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Audiwatch Update (Tm)

Audiwatch Update (Tm) 2-18-92

source: March 1992 European Car Magazine

Serious work is going on in Ingolstadt preparing a new V8 Coupe. It's been
some 20 years since Audi built a big coupe, but the market seems to indicate
the room for such a luxury model. The coupe with four rings will compete first
against like models from Mercedes-Benz and BMW in Europe and the engine will
most likely be based on the V8 Quattro's 4.2-liter 280-hp V8.

We Hear... (pg 73)
Audi is planning a 450-hp 4.5-liter W12 engined luxury sedan to rival Mercedes'
600 SEL, according to German press reports. Audi denies the story, but confirms
it will begin running its W12 powerplant, unveiled in the Avus show car
(Jan '92), this spring.

Audi 50/60 in 1993? (pg 75)
Since the 80/90 range has moved upmarket, Audi is in need of a smaller model,
such as the 50 series of the past. Reflecting the current social and market
climates, such a move would be very feasible, indeed. There is talk that the
upcoming Guigiaro-designed SEAT Ibiza will fill the gap in countries where
SEAT is not represented, such as the U.S., where it will become mandatory
to offer more energy-efficient models.