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1990 Audi 80 Quattro

I am looking for hints on things that I should check or have fixed
during my last service under the 50 000 mile warantee.  specifically,
any hints as to how to check that the brakes or transmission or cv
joints are still in good shape.  Also, any hints about other things
that should be checked while there is still time for Audi to pay for
fixing them - or just to find out that nothing needs to get fixed.  I
appreciate any hints or pointers to a good mechanic in the
DC/Baltimore area that you would recommend to give the car a quick
"check up"


   Jim Jensen                        
   Martin Marietta Laboratories      jensen@mml.mmc.com
   1450 South Rolling Road           jensen@sun.soe.clarkson.edu
   Baltimore, MD 21227-3898	     jensen%mmlai@uunet.uu.net 
	410 247 0700			(home 410 379 0671)