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Re: Hydra pump

My brakes and steering are adversely affected. If I fill the hydraulic
fluid canister to the max line and then brake and/or use the steering,
the fluid overflows in the canister. Now the fluid is below the min line.
Braking is only effective the first time I brake, then the brake warning
light comes on. After about one minute the light disappears and the brake
will work one more time.

The brake system has no leaks and the symtoms I am experiencing do not
point to the master cylinder. The pedal feels like it hits something half
way through its travel. I also suspected the pressure acumulator ($400) in the
hydraulic system but my mechanic says otherwise.

There does not seem to be any other leak in the system other than the
overflow in the canister. I am hoping the rebuild kit has the pressure valve
since I cannot properly test it.