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Gas Tank Overflow

Howdy, I've got an 85 4000 Quattro CS with 85K on it.  Last night
I noticed the smell of gasoline from the rear right quarter of car,
naturally around the gas cap.  I parked the car overnight on dry
pavement, and the next morning there were no leaks on the ground.
The tank is pretty much full (20 miles on that tank), and we've had
some funky weather around here lately (40 degrees to 70 in 12 hours).
I called a garage and they seemed to think that the temperature
may have caused the gas to expand and flow out of the cap through
some leakage valve.  Has anyone had this happen to them before?
Does this sound reasonable to people?



Erich Nahum                            A305 Lederle Graduate Research Center
Real-Time Systems Group                Department of Computer Science     
nahum@cs.umass.edu                     University of Massachusetts at Amherst