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Re: Higher idle (And other stuff...)


gt6493c FLUHR,ERIC J, you say:
|>Speaking of unusual idling, I wonder if my engine has a problem.
|>A few months back I had to replace the hydraulic lifters and fuel
|>injectors on my '85 GT.  Before that, the car started unbelievably
|>quickly, usually on 1 crank of the starter motor.  Highway mileage,
|>which is supposed to be 25mpg, came out to around 23mpg.
|>But I didn't pass FL emissions, and the mechanic that inspected it
|>said I needed new lifters and injectors.  Well, the lifters I knew
|>were bad but the injectors I thought were pretty good.  Anyway
|>I replaced both, and then had the guy set the timing and adjust
|>the CO.  After all this was done, I noticed the car now needs several
|>cranks of the starter to start up.  Not excessive by any means, but
|>still a far cry from the 1 crank --> start days.  Also, the idle
|>was high, about 1000rpms.  So we set the idle (my Dad was helping

My 1990 Coupe Quattro (16500 miles) also idles at 1000rpm, and I
thought that was normal! I would be interested to hear if it isn't the
case. On some days, when I start the car, the rpm goes down a lot and
then it jumps up to 1100-1200 and then stabilizes at 1000. 

I have had this baby for about two months, and I have already put
2000+ miles! Its a great car (in a layman sense of course, I am not a
Mechanical Engineer :-) ) and I love it. Handling is quite good. I
wish I could say it is great, but - damn!- I wish I hadn't testdriven
that Corrado SLC :-) 

I drive rather hard (revving up a lot,etc.), much to my wife's
consternation, and I seem to notice that it is beginning to feel a bit
rough/noisier. Although Audi recommends oil changes at 7000 miles or
so (under the Audi Advantage program), the previous owner changed at
3000 miles, and I intend to do so, too. In fact, given the above
symptoms, I might do so even earlier. Comments? Since I will be making
that first trip to the dealer since I got the car, any tips on what to
look for and what to emphasize on, would be greatly appreciated. 

Also, I would like to mention some of the "small problems" I have

1) When the Automatic Climate Control is turned on, (especially in
   this hot weather), the engine noticeably gets rougher, and some
   vibrations get transmitted through the pedals. Is that reasonable? 

2) The radio works great, but the cassette player is quirky.
   Sometimes, even though I can see the tape moving, there is no
   sound. So I need to turn it off/on a couple of times before it
   starts playing (and "sounding" :-) ). Or, I use the tape scan
   button and it solves the problem.... Also, the front speakers are
   hardly audible when the rear speakers are on. I know that the rear
   speakers are amplified, but it seems like they drown out the front
   speakers. I have to use the fader sometimes just to make sure the
   front speakers are working! :-) 

3) On a more serious note, of late I can hear a shaking/rattling sound
   coming from under the right front (or so I imagine) of the car when I
   am driving in 1st, 2nd and even 3rd gears AND I am either not applying
   the gas pedal or doing so very lightly. The moment I start
   accelerating fast, the sound goes off. Any clues as to what may be
   wrong? I'll mention this to the service guys, but I'd like to know more
   before I talk to them. 

4) The front windshield washer fluid ran out, and I refilled it, and
   now the windshield washer does not spray! Sigh... Also, the
   headlight washer sprays on the hood. Is that a feature or a bug?

5) I could check, but are fog lights covered under the Audi Advantage?
   One of the rear fog lights has conked out.

6) I do a lot of city driving (stop and go), and I am getting only
   about 20.3 to 20.5mpg. What is the typical mpg people have
   observed? I use BP Super Unleaded. Any ways of improving fuel
   economy? I could of course slow down (the max I have done is 110mph
   and that too on a reasonably winding road! ;-))

Sorry for the long post. Hope to get a lot of useful tips and advice!


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