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Re: Stereo in Coupe GT

Well, I've explored upgrading the cheapo 5.25" woofers in the walls next to
the back seat in my '91 Audi Coupe.  I've recently reported on this list how
the sound quality of the factory stereo was vastly superior on my '88 Audi 80
than it is in my current car.  I have given up for the following reasons :-(:

	- Removing the current speakers is a major ordeal, requiring the
	  removal of the panels, and possibly the rear seat.  The mechanic at
	  the dealer complained about having to do this once.  Couldn't they
	  put four screws behind the speaker grill???

	- Changing the two woofers alone may not result in a marked increase
	  in sound quality, assuming I want to rip half the car apart.

	- The current system is non-standard, and incompatible with
	  aftermarket components, necessitating the replacement of the entire
	  system at great cost.

This third point, as told to me by Auto Sound Systems (Maryland), really
increases my blood pressure.  Has anybody here had a different experience?