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Audi starter motor problems.

I am resending this as I think it did not get through:

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On the first sunny Sunday up here in Montreal my starter motor decides
to come to a screeching holt, -dead. 
Well I tried to remove the thing from my 85 Audi coupe gt (same 5 cyl. motor as
the 5000), I got one of the bolts off. The other bolts was hidden from
my view by the motor body. I used a mirror to have a look at it and
Surprise there was no bolt there!
There was a bolt hole with something in it. First I thought it was a sheared
bolt but on closer inspection I don't think it is, it is smooth and round with
a slight grove in the middle. Ah I thought it must be a allen screw, but nope
the hole in the middle of the screw was filled with some type of metal.

So then I take out the Haynes manual, that was no help as the coupe one only
had details of starter motors for the 4000.

Then I thought it must be held in with only one bolt and a pin on the other
side, but after much banging and knocking with a hammer it was still firmly in

My questions are:

Has anyone removed a starter motor from the Audi 5 cyl. engine, does it have
one or two bolts holding it in place?
If it only has one bolt holding it in place how do I loosen it to remove the 

Is this some trick that only the dealer can repair?

And whats the likely cause when your starter motor dies a screeching and 
scraping death? Is it the teeth that engage to turn the engine? Can these
be replaced, or must the whole motor be replaced?


S Stamos <lmcstst@noah.ericsson.se>     

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