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lowering AUDI

I have been monitoring the discussion on the sport suspension, but
I haven't found anybody saying about lowering the car height in
addition to using the sport suspension. I'm interested in this since
my AUDI, which has 998230 miles, needs new suspension badly. I'd like
to replace the standard suspension with the sport package. Additionally
I'd like to lower the height of the car by several inches to lower
the center of gravity.

I am hoping you guys can give me sugestions on this (where should I
mail order the springs and struts, type of spring and struts, what I
should be aware of about the technical terms and dimensions of the
spring and struts, etc). Another point, when I lower the car, the
standard figures for the steering alignment will be invalid, won't it?
Then, what should I reference to to get the new alignment figure?

Here is some information about my car:

AUDI 5000s '85
RONAL Wheel 15x7
YOKOHAMA Tire A509 15/60/205  <-- I'd like to replace this with
      PIRELLI P700Z 15/50 or 55/205

Since I won't do this job by myself (I don't have enough experience
nor tools to do the job), if anybody knows a reliable garage that
I can have my car suspension done in upstate NY or New England area,
it will be very helpful. I live in Troy, which is is 15 minutes ride
from Albany.

Thanks in advance