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Re: New Mass Audi dealer

> From David.Tahajian@East.Sun.COM Tue Jun  2 11:40:59 1992

> The Bernardi Honda dealership on Route 9 in Natick MA is
> having a grand opening for it's new Audi franchise.
> To celebrate this, they are previewing the 
> 1993 Audi 90 Quattro Sedan and the 1994 Audi Cabriolet.
> These cars will only be there this weekend, June 5 - June 7.

First, a technicality: although Bernardi is new, it has replaced
the old Annis Porsche/Audi that was at the same site on Route 9.

I stopped by today while I was in Boston to check them out.  The
V6 90Q looks *very* impressive, and 29K sounds reasonable.  The
V6 in that car looks beautiful, and the trunk space is unbelievable
with the reat seats down.  The sides and rear quarter look much better
that the current 80/90, but I don't like the nose (sigh).  

Car Magazine (a British rag) had a review of the V6 car and gave 0-60 at 7.5, 
top speed 130 (I believe).  This car is a good candidate for the car I get 
when I graduate (in 3 years, perhaps a 1-2 year old car.  By then my
85 4000 Q will be 10 years old!!).

The coupe convertible looked good, and had good visibility even with the 
top up.  Cardinal Sin: No 4WD will be available for the convertible!


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