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Tuneup costs (was:: internal caliper brakes.. part 2) Date: Fri, 12 Jun 92 15:55:41 PDT From: "John Gong" <jgong@us.oracle.com>

   > Speaking of numbers I enquired what a 60K service for a V8 will cost.
   > If they replace OXS and the timing belt, it would run to 3 grand..
   > the 8 "special" NGK plugs will cost more than $100.  perhaps i can
   > mail order those when the time comes...


   > eliot

That's insane.  Do they expect people to pay that much money for it ?
I am afraid that I am going to fall in the category with my 200Q.  Is
there a chance that you can do your own maintenance on the V8 ?  How
complicated is that engine ?

I'll check with the dealer around here about the V8 60K maintenance.