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v8 service costs revisited

I made a semi-official query today as to how much the 60K service will cost
on the V8.  I spoke to the service advisor that I'm on real good terms with.
Here's the response:

$600 if I skip the timing belt (which is not really needed till 90K
anyway) and the OXS.  He told me not to bother changing the OXS.  Just
drive it till it breaks.  If I did my own oil, plugs, air filter I
could trim it down another $100.  The water pump and the front end of
the car was replaced not that long ago, so I could also skip coolant
flush and brake fluid flush.  That would get it down to $4-500.

The owner of the V8 that received the 3 grand 60K service turned out
to be a rich fart after all.  So the lesson to be learnt from all
this is not to flash your cash in front of the service dept. and also
to have a good realationship with them.