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Re: Tire recco for Coupe Quattro

> Hi!

> I understand that the Bridgestone RE71 Potenza is a good tire, but being V
> rated, it does not come with a warranty(according to the salesman at
> Firestone)? Although on the other hand, the new Bridgestone Turanza
> tires in spite of being V rated, have a 40,000 miles warranty and are
> cheaper than the RE71's. Any experiences with either tires, and any
> recommendations? Would I be compromising the sporty nature of the
> Coupe Quattro by going for anything less than RE71? Since, I will be
> changing all four tires, and the front ones are not worn out too
> badly, is there a po> licy of "credit" for the "good" tires? Also, would
> it hurt if I replaced only ther rear tires and held off buying all
> four tires? 

A friend of mine with a BMW 323i swore by these tires.  They are supposed
to have a great balance between cornering, braking, and ride quality.  I 
don't think they lasted that long, though. This no warranty business on
them sounds like bullshit.  Although I've never driven/ridden a car with
the Turanza, I would bet one of their targets is the Yokohama A509 buyer.
I've had those tires for 40K miles on a 2wd 80 and have been very satisfied
with them. They replaced the stock Continental CH51's.  My wife has Pirelli
P6's on her car.  The A509 is noticeably better in all respects to those
two.  I'd buy them again except that I may spend a little more and get
the AVS Intermediates or A+4's.  

As a general rule, tire shops have no reason to give you a credit for 
used tires, no matter how lightly worn.  The % wear comes into play when
manufacturers are giving you a prorated refund on defective tires.

> Also, any recommendations (pros and cons) about ordering from Tire Rack?

> Thanx in advance!

> Ramesh

My bro-in-law just ordered a set of Yokohama AVS Intermediates from them.
Arrived right on the day they estimated. Certainly couldn't beat their prices.
Don't know how warranty problems are handled with remote companies though.