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Re: Tire recco for Coupe Quattro

Well.... my question pertained to autocross tires for my 86 4000CSQ.
I have just installed Pirelli P500s on the 4000CSQ for year-round
treet use. They are EXCELLENT in the wet and dry. I am very happy with
them. Also, I am now running the Pirelli P700Zs on my 85 Quattro Turbo
Coupe. I am also VERY happy with these tires. Good in the wet and in
the dry. I took a 1st place in an autocross on the P700Zs and I also took
FTD for *ANY* car driven to the event on DOT tires and raced on those
same DOT tires. Rather a good performance for the P700Z against shaved
special-purpose "race" DOT autocross tires!

ps The Pirelli P500 is an asymetrical-tread high-performance "all-season"
tire. I'm NOT really sold on "all-season"tires by any means. I have a
set of 15X6" wheels with Gislaved Frosts mounted on them for winter use
on the Quattro Turbo Coupe. The 4000CSQ is my SOs daily driver and I felt
that the P500s might be an acceptable comprimise considering AWD, AW-discs
and excellent handling/safety characteristics present in the 4000CSQ and
that "real" M+S tires would not be required for winter use. The P500 is
also rated higher in dry and wet handling vs the best selling "all-season"
tire. (Goodyear GT+4? or BF Goodrich???)