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Re: some questions

Hi Chris:

Hi Chris:

I also have a 1991 Coupe Quattro in MA!
To answer your questions:

> 1. ...so what do people really use as max RPM?
I have not yet gone over 6K (call me a wimp).
I tend to believe the manual over the tach's "redline",
as that tach may have been used for other non-20V modles
which may have allow higher revving (this is just a guess).

> 2. Does anybody have any experience with (P21S Wheel Cleaner)? 

Yes, I use P21S exclusivly. It does a great job, and does not
harm anything. Afterwards, I sometimes also apply a soft paste 
wax to the wheels... this will help make you next cleaning job that 
much easier.

> 3. does anybody know of a source of fabric seat covers for 
	the front seats?

Some people get that lambs wool/fur stuff, but why bother?
Just get any good leather cleaner and protector.
I clean my seats twice a year (spring and fall),
and they look great all year long.

> 4. Any recommendations on (winter) wheel and tyre sizes?

I am assuming that you do not want to get another set
of wheels for the winter (there really is no reason to), 
you just want an all-season tire which fits on the OEM wheel, 

If so, Audi offered as a no cost option all season tires 
instead of the Dunlop SP8 205/60VR15... they are the Dunlop SP6 
195/65HR15 and are M+S rated. I have these tires and they perform
great in the rain, ice, and snow. I suggest you buy them via 
the Tire Rack, a tire mail order firm, for $79.00 each. 
An Audi dealer will charge about $140 for the same tire, and
a regular tire dealer will not even have them in stock. This
tire was specifically developed in Germany as the OEM all season 
tire for the Coupe, and it is not used on any other car!  
Pirelli also makes a 195/65HR15 M+S rated tire for a similar
price called the P500. Glen Powell recently gave them a good review.

If you really want a V-speed M+S rated tire, there are other
options: The Dunlop D80V4, BFG Comp T/A VR4 (recomended by 
Steve Bruun), Yokohama A+4's, and some others. 
These will run around $110 and up at the Tire Rack,
much more at a local tire dealer.

A really great place to get excellent advise is Direct Tire 
in Watertown. They are experts on wheels and tires for
European cars, and will happliy recommend the best tire 
for your needs. The folks at the Tire Rack will also be 
glad to help you make a selection.

Happy motoring...

	- dave t.