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Re: Audi 100 injection system

>This question was forwarded from NKM7527@zeus.tamu.edu, a new subscriber
>However is it true that the 1992 Audi 100 quattro does not have a multivalve
>engine or electronic fuel injection?

It is true that the new Audi 2.8L V6 engine is a traditional 2-valves per
cylinder design, but that should hardly be a point of consideration.  This
normally-aspirated engine produces 174hp at 5500rpm and 184 lbs-ft of torque
at 3000 rpm, which is quite competitive with other engines of its class,
multi-valve or not.  Numerical specifications aside, the Audi V6 engine is
also wonderfully smooth, quiet, yet willing to rev and delivers good torque.

Audi has been quite in the forefront of multi-valve technology, witness
the 227hp 20-valve 5-cylinder engine as found in the Audi S4, which actually
dates back to the short-wheelbase 1983 Audi quattro Sport with 300hp.
Or the 509hp 60-valve W-12 engine found in the Audi Avus quattro show car.
The point is, an engineering decision was made at Audi to emphasize
smoothness, refinement and torque for its V6, and the approach taken was
to employ a variable-length induction system (intake manifold runners that
changes its effective length based on engine speed) to maximize torque, while
using 2-valves per cylinder to minimize noise.

All modern Audis have electronic fuel injection.  In the case of the new
100 series, it is the latest and most advanced form of Bosch Motronic
engine control, with sequential pulsed injection, digital twin knock-sensor
distributor-less direct ignition system and adaptive learning logic.

>If so it would be a big dissapointment
>and minimum requirements for buying an import in the last 8 years.

All the technese aside, I should point out that buying a car is not like
buying an appliance.  It shouldn't be a simple matter of cheking a list
of features.  An engine with 4-valves per cylinder is not necessarily going
to be better than one with 2-valves.  One should evaluate the car against
others on its own merits (things like build-quality, handling, dynamic
behavior, acceleration, seating position and interior ergonomics,
noise/vibration/harshness, active and passive safety, etc, etc.).  Many
of these thing simply don't lend themselves to a simplistic bullet-item list.
Choosing a car over another on the grounds that "car B has more valves"
is simply missing the point.

Go drive the Audi 100 quattro.  If you don't think it has enough fun
quotient, then try the Audi S4.  I promise you, after that drive, anything
else with 4 doors will seem, um, lesser.

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