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Diff. Oil, CV Joints

Hi All!

I just finished reading the archive of the mailing list and I have
2 questions (I loved the info on tires BTW...).

I have an '87 5000 CSQ and I can't seem to find any info on the
recommended service interval/type of oil for the differentials.

Any recommendations would be appreciated!

Second, I think I have at least on CV joint that is going south on me (I 
hear and feel a thumping when I make hard right turns at 40+ MPH). I'm
going to have a local suspension shop take a look tomorrow. Are there
any aftermarket replacements that are 'better' than stock? I'm seem to
recall brief mention of something similiar when the discussion of adding
a turbo to a 4000 came up..

Thanks in Advance...

Mark Aaldering
Cypress Semiconductor
Voice: (408) 943-2823