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Summary: Thumping noise during hard turns

>I have an '87 5000 CSQ and I can't seem to find any info on the
>recommended service interval/type of oil for the differentials.
>Any recommendations would be appreciated!

>Second, I think I have at least on CV joint that is going south on me (I 
>hear and feel a thumping when I make hard right turns at 40+ MPH). I'm
>going to have a local suspension shop take a look tomorrow. Are there
>any aftermarket replacements that are 'better' than stock? I'm seem to
>recall brief mention of something similiar when the discussion of adding
>a turbo to a 4000 came up..

> It ends up that my CV's are fine...the tires might be the problem.
 I'm having them work on it some more Monday.)

Well it turns out that an intermittant clicking noise that I heard was the
brake wear sensor...naturally both the pads AND the rotor had to be replaced.
The thumping ended up being the front left wheel bearings. I acquired the car
at 37K miles and it is now at 43K...at $900 I feel that I have been duly
initiated into the Audi club :-)

Is my question about differential lube really that mysterious or inane....

Thanks in Advance...

Mark Aaldering
Cypress Semiconductor
Voice: (408) 943-2823