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Re: Audi S4

> >From dave@TIS.COM Tue Sep  8 16:16:06 1992
> >Be sure to check out Motorweek '92 on your local Public Broadcasting System
> >station this weekend for a road test of the Audi S4.

Personally, I have never cared for the way Motorweek tests their
cars. They seem to do the "Consumer Reports" approach: everything
is judged by how well it conforms to the average Joe/Jane's expectations.
We know how well the S4 does that ;-)

However, in last month's European Car, there was a *great* test
of the S4, including a complete technical report on what sets it
apart from the 200Q, and a road trip through Yosemite. Great reading!
By the way, the title of the review was "An Assault Vehicle in Sheep's

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