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for the record

My shop manual says of the '86-88 5000's with "digital climate control":
	Fault memory display, channel checking
	-ignition on
	-press and hold down outside temperature display button
	-press and release OFF button
	 * '01 fault channel is displayed

	-press COOLER button
	 * 00 fault display code is displayed

	-check each channel '01 fault display code as shown in table

Fault code	Fault cause				Fault elimination
00		normal function
'01		inner temperature sensor - open		[pointer to repair
'02		[ditto] - short circuit [check]		 or test procedures]
'03		outside temperature sensor in air
		plenum chamber - open
'04		[ditto] - short circuit
'05		Outside temperature sensor in front of
		radiator behind radiator grille - open
'06		[ditto] - short circuit
'07		motor for positioning heater flaps in
		programmer not OK
'13		Battery - voltage under 9.5 V
'14		High pressure sensor, excess pressure
		in system
'15		High pressure sensor, short circuit

Now to go check out my own car...AC's been acting funny of late.