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Re: insider audi info

        Reply to:   RE>>insider audi info
Eliot, I read your message to my pal, and his immediate response is that he
wants your phone number, so that your problem can be solved!  There may be
hope, after all...
awaiting your info.  Peter.

Date: 10/13/92 2:43 PM
To: Peter Fraser
From: Eliot Lim
can you tell him that my v8 has been down (i.e. undriveable) for 2
weeks because of a oil pan that the dealer broke and that the u.s.
organization can't seem to get a replacement?  the customer hot line
is giving the run-around and i am getting pretty unhappy over this
whole episode.

i'm glad to hear that the s4 is doing well as far as resale value is
going, but the v8's is really sorry and people who bought them new
(like me) seem to be getting the shaft.  sorry to start off with nasty
stuff, but i think he should get the good news as well as the bad.