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Re: 4000 Quattro Turbo

> >...too bad they don't import them anymore...
> I thought they brought them in for '90-'91 with the 20 valve head, but
> without a turbo.

nah, wrong car..
> >a torsen, abs and 20 valve equipped example wouldn't be too bad..
> Is this the '90-'91 Coupe Quattro?

no, the same original turbo quattro coupe that sold here from 82-85
was still being made in europe and continually updated till last year
when production ceased after 10 long years.  the final model looked
basically the same as the 1982 model, but had the 20 valve turbo,
together with torsen diff. and abs.  the second generation coupe
(turbo or not) is not considered by most reviewers to be the equal of
the original.  don't confuse the original quattro (which was made all
the way till last year but not imported) with the S2 or the second
generation koop.

> >no servotronic-s2 for me!!!
> Isn't that the european version of the Coupe Quattro with the turbo
> and 20 valve head?  Sounds pretty exciting to me.  Is the servotronic
> power steering your only complaint?

the biggest complaint yes, but i've also read that the S2 doesn't have
as brilliant a suspension as the original.  certainly the current models
are nowhere as agile and sharp as the mid-1980s audis.

> If my memory serves me correctly the original Quattro doesn't have a
> Torsen center differential.  Is that true? 

the original quattro got a torsen diff from the 88 model year onwards.
that year audi put torsen diffs on all their quattro cars, 80s, 90s,
100s, 200s.  then in 1990, audi put the 20 valve turbo in the original

> Doesn't the Torsen-Gleason
> differentials make it possible to have full time ABS?