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Re: Valve noise

> I have an 86 4000CSQ.  When started, it makes a bunch of noise.  SOunds
> like valve clatter.  Problem:  They're hydrauli and non-adjustable.
> So, the problem must lie elsewhere.  It does quit after the engine has
> run for a while.   Any of you geniuses know what this is?  WHat should
> be done?

I'm no genius, but I have a similar symptom on an '88 80.  Goes away after
a few minutes.  When I look into the engine compartment as it happens, it
seems to occur near the front of the car.  I suspect a water pump on the
gradual decline, and will get to it when I change the timing belt.  Water
pumps usually give lots of notice when they go bad, if I remember right.
Another possibility is a bearing on one of the other belt-driven accessories,
like the alternator or A/C.


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