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Re: Valve noise

The same with my '87 4000S. A guy at local Firestone
that has been "winterizing" my car recently carelessly
said comething about "spark nocks", after which I  succeded
in making him to retune the engine at N/C.
The sound seemingly ceased for a couple of days but then
resumed like ever :-(

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My 1987 4000CSQ also rattle its valves when cold.  I never paid much
attention to this because the noise went away after it warmed up.   
I'm curious to find out what causes that noise.

   Date: Wed, 11 Nov 92 17:33:46 -0500
   From: jrd@po.cwru.edu (John R. Daker)
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   I have an 86 4000CSQ.  When started, it makes a bunch of noise.   
   like valve clatter.  Problem:  They're hydrauli and  
   So, the problem must lie elsewhere.  It does quit after the engine
   has run for a while.  Any of you geniuses know what this is?  WHat
   should be done?

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