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Book Info Wanted

Sirish Vissa writes:
>  I was just wondering if there were any books that detail the inner
>wokings of the Group B Audi rally cars.  I am interested in learning
>more about the technical aspects of the cars. Example the engine
>drive train, and also the materials sed in the various parts of the

I have one book, entitled "Audi Quattro: the Development and
Competition History," by Jeremy Walton.  It was published in 1984
by Haynes; its ISBN is 0 85429 410 4.

It's about 260 page; the first 200 pages concentrate mostly on
history, including the Quattro's development at the factory,
early testing, competition with Mouton, Mikkola, and others, finally
ending with the 1983 season.  The 20-page appendix comprises
mechanical specs, sales, and competition records.

The writing is somewhat haphazard - a lot of facts thrown together
with the bare minimum of plot.  Pictures are all b&w, supplemented
with some line drawings.  On a scale of 5 (with 5 being something
like Beverley Rae Kimes' magnificent Mercedes Benz history) it's
about 3.  I got the book from that place in Colorado whose name
escapes me at the moment, but they advertise in R&T.

Some tidbits from the book:

Audi Quattro A2, as of May 1983 - group B car

Engine: homologated A2 capacity of 2110 cc; group B production
        cars used KKK-K26 turbo, evolution cars used KKK-K27;
        compression ratio of 6.5:1; max boost 1.9 bar/27 psi;
        up to 400 bhp at 7000 rpm, 362 lb-ft torque at 4000 rpm;
        Kevlar and carbon fiber composites used for engine
        ancillaries such as cam belt drive cover, fan shroud.

Tranny: limited slip rear diff; no center diff; standard ratios
        of 3.00 (first), 2.00 (second), 1.50 (third), 1.217 (fourth),
        1.040 (fifth); standard final drive of 4.357; electro-
        hydraulic clutch.

Body: Matter or Gartrac steel internal construction with 16 kg or
      25 kg roll cages; Kevlar fenders; plastic trunk, hood, doors,
      side and rear windows.

Weight: 1000 kg/2200 lb (Corsica) to 1100 kg/2420 lb (forest)

Brakes: three caliper, three disk diameter/thickness listed from
        280 mm to 305 mm; cross-drilled; twin master cylinders.

Economy and performance: 6-8 mpg in competition; no performance
        for A2 given but A1 says "typically geared for 115 mph
        loose surface maximum with 0-60 mph in 4.5s."

This must have been some car.  My only reference points are the
rally cars I've been in: a Mazda 323 GTX with about 160 hp,
and a VW Golf with about 180 hp that was about 100 lbs lighter
than the standard model.  No comparison, probably.  I'd bet that
Paul Choiniere's and Bruno Kriebech's Quattros (SCCA rallyists)
make about 300 hp - anybody know better?

- Lawrence Cheng