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RE:4000--> 80,90 & 5000--> 100,200

"C.B. MORTON" <bmorton@uwovax.uwo.ca> wrote:

>In Canada, the 1984 4000 S and 5000 S were powered by a 2144cc five of 110 bhp.
>I understand that the American version of the 2.1-litre was rated at 100 bhp;
>was this due to pollution controls? As well, it's my knowledge that the U.S.
>never saw a five-cylinder 4000, save for the Quattro. 

Not sure exactly what accounts for the 10hp difference, but if the Canadian
version did not have a catalytic convertor, then that's likely the reason
why.  Audi did sell 5-cylinder front-drive versions of the 4000 in the U.S.
(model year 1980/81, but discontinued them after that).  The engine
configuration in the 5-cylinder 4000s are identical to that in the Coupe.

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